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Sunday Breakfast – आलू टिक्की (Aaloo Tikki)

Had been waiting for this Sunday to prepare Aaloo Tikki. Had planned to get up early but then realized that I had gone to bed only by around 4-4:30am… so, there was absolutely no chance that I would get up by 7!

Finally, got up by around 9-9:30. Got some Curd and Coriander leaves (धनिया). Boiled some potatoes. Tamarind Chuttney (इमली चटनी) was already there.

All my Indian friends would definitely know how to prepare it. And I’m not planning to write the complete recipe or the process.

Here are some of the photos of the dish, ready to eat. The plain tikkis (without chips-toppings) are mine while the one with the chips-toppings are the ones garnished by Renu.

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