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Quick Dinner at Dominos & Ice-creams at Flavours

It was saturday evening. I had already missed my Pizzas yesterday yielding to pathetic experience at La Casa.

Friday evening, I was eager to go to Dominos, Hosur Road but today, the situation was different. Renu, my wife, wanted to have ice cream at flavours also. So we planned to go out to Pizza Hut in Koramangala only to see the long queue, waiting time being in excess of 30 minutes.

I said, “God gives you whatever you want… just that time and how is not known. I wished Dominos Pizza yesterday, and I am going to get it today”. 🙂

And the best part about switching from Pizza Hut to Dominos is that the latter is just cross the street.

I wanted Pizza… and I got it. Renu was looking at something light and save space for ice cream. The pasta would be a perfect choice. And I realized that most of the Pizza outlets are now also serving Pastas and Indian curries… be it Pizza Hut, Pizza Corner, Dominos et al.

Finally, we got our combo – Pizza, Pasta, Garlic Bread with Jalapeno dip. And here are a few photos.

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