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Places not to eat – La Casa

As the weekend appraoches, plans start to trickle down, the list of places to eat start poppin up, the menu card of items to eat starts to be created.

And this time, we zeroed on La Casa in Jayanagar. The place, though at a prime location, surprisingly always missed my eye noting that I travelled that road several times a year. The place was recommended by one of our neighbours.

We were five of us who planned to go to La Casa yesterday for the dinner. I was a little taken back by their quality of service, quality of food and relatively higher prices for nothing.

Starting off, we ordered for two-by-four chicken soup and one vegetable soup. To our surprise, we got two-by-three chicken soup and one-by-two vegetable soup. We thought there may have been some confusion and called up the waiter to fix up the issue. Imagine a surprising response – “Let me mix the three bowls of soups and split them into four”. Those who know how two-by-four works, would know that this is the first thing that puts a customer off here. From the way responses were given, we, all five not just me, had only one conclusion to make — “A big attitude problem”.

We also had “Gobhi Manchurian” and Chicken lollipops for the starter. The taste was relatively OK.

For the main course, we had sizzlers. Ah! That’s a taste I would prefer to forget but cannot forget.

At least, personally, I was in a shock that I did not even bother about taking photos during the food. But the two photos of the 2-year old child can be some indicator of the mood before the dinner and after it. 🙂

Mood before the dinner

Mood after the dinner

And then some more photos… after the mood a little spoilt!

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