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Batter Bomb

Yes. That’s what we had in our refrigerator and we did not know about it till it blasted. 🙂

It was Friday evening and we thought about having Dosa/Puddu the next day. We bought “ID Special – Ready to use Idly/Dosa Batter”. As ever, we kept the batter in the fridge to preserve until next day.

On Saturday morning, when we opened the fridge, little did we know that we had a surprise in waiting. The batter packet had swollen. Perplexed, we thought of taking help from our neighbour – Satish – to check if everything was fine with the packet and it’s not unnatural for the packet to get swollen.

Knocking on this open door to seek advice, we noticed that he’s busy with some personal work. We thought, “Let’s leave the packet here itself so that as and when he gets free, he will have a look at it”. But something prompted us to not leave it at his home but bring back. So we did. And we got busy in the regular weekend-house-cleanup activities.

And then suddenly, the big bang happened. The packet blew up. The batter was all over the place… from kitchen to living room to master bedroom… wherever it could find its way, wherever the speed and trajectory could take it – on the sofas, on the bed, on the walls, on the floor, on refrigerator, on cupboards… the list just goes on and on and on.

Luckily, something worked in our favour – the packet did not lie on the kitchen board directly. My wife had kept the packet in a vessel. What more – she kept the packet vertically. That saved a lot of our hardwork. Most of the batter spilled within the vessel and only minimal shots flew over the places.

Because the batter was white and so are the walls, it looked like white cement :O. Even for sofas and the floor… there were numerous spots… and the entire flat looked like a battlefield won by the batter.

Here are some photos (of the packet). Forgot to take photos of the battefield after the war.

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